Colombia - Huila Alimuca es Womans Project

Taste: Pink Grapefruit, Toffee, Cherry

Grower: Asociación de Mujeres Cafeteras de Colombia (ALIMUCAES)

Variety: Castillo, Caturra, and Colombia

Region: Colombia, Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1400-1900 meters

Process: Fully washed and dried inside solar dryers

We currently roast on Tuesday's and will ship your order by Wednesday morning

"We’re proud to directly support women farmers and highlight their role within the coffee supply chain, and we truly appreciate that our customers are actively requesting these coffees. However, this is not what motivated us to bring in this tasty coffee, grown in Huila by a coop of women farmers, for the first time. It was its very unique cup profile. When we think about coffees from Huila, we tend to associate them with more herbaceous qualities. This lot is characterized more by tropical fruit notes and citrus than traditionally found in Huilas, with notes of pink grapefruit, orange, pineapple, and a light, winey quality, and toffee richness. This one will shine brightly (and sweetly) as a single origin offering!"